Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New Malaysia, New Environment?


Dear Diary,

We are in the month of July now. This post marks the achievement for this blog's KPI : be updated by at least twice a year. Yeay! its officially achieved.

A lot of things had happened since the last post. As been anticipated before, the 14th General Election took place on the 9th of May 2018 (and yes, it is on Wednesday). Nevertheless, in the election, the previous regime had lost to Pakatan Harapan, who've had Tun Mahathir as their leader that lead them to victory on that day.

Once this happened, I remember a quote from a very dear friend of mine,

"The old man WILL win..."

He is right in-fact. I think the Barisan Nasional's government before didn't expect  to lose the battle to the extent that they had to gave up their throne. But no one can beat the God's will. This change of government is one of the will of God, the taqdir. A good Muslim shall belief that nothing will happened without  the permission from God. Furthermore, there's a verse in the Quran that told us exactly about this topic:

Say, "O Allah, Owner of Sovereignty, You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom You will. You honor whom You will and You humble whom You will. In Your hand is [all] good. Indeed, You are over all things competent. You cause the night to enter the day, and You cause the day to enter the night; and You bring the living out of the dead, and You bring the dead out of the living. And You give provision to whom You will without account."

Ali-Imran, 26-27.

The new government is now led by the legendary, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. This exemplary figure has break many records and the new one is becoming twice a Malaysian Prime Minister as well as one of the oldest executive leader in he world. With the age of 93, he became the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is really something to be proud of and to be an example for all of us. With that age, he is still hardworking, trying to work out the country's economy and administration to be back on track towards a developed nation.

I must admit, I admire this old man for so long. I've been following this figure since I was 15 while in secondary school. I've go through all of his visions and speeches and words, from the Wawasan 2020 to Cintai IT, from Perjuangan Belum Selesai to Melayu Mudah Lupa, from his first confrontation with BN and UMNO in 2006 to the second one in 2015, from the Perdana Leadership Foundation activities on criminalising war to the establishment of PERKASA -- all of this has made me who I am during the last 15 years.

When Dr. Mahathir said there's something wrong with Najib's administration, it was really hard to believe initially. It was him who kind of giving way to Najib to get the PM's post by toppling Pak Lah in the first place, so why topple Najib now? But eventually, we all know what's seems to be the problems in the Najib's administration -- the 1MDB fiasco and how he handles the related issues. For me, the turning point is when the former Bank Negara Governor, the then Attorney General, SPRM Directors and Officers, the Police's Deputy Director of Special Branch and some other few peoples are forced to left their post, either by instructing them to make such nonsense claim, not continuing their contract or by force of transferring them to another agencies. This incident happens quite fast and is done overnight. This had raised some suspicion that the whole fiasco with 1MDB and the "Arab Donation" might be true.

Nevertheless, I continue myself as a student during that time. For me, nothing much could be done except for seeking more information from the social media and occasionally involved in a light discussion yet in a very careful manner. As a student, I must refrain from making problems and foe because it could make matters worse for me. While I was okay with BERSATU joining AMANAH  or even PAS, I may have some issue with PKR and DAP. I think the differences of the core beliefs of BERSATU and PKR / DAP will be the the problem for a coalition such as Pakatan Harapan. I was proven wrong when Dr. Mahathir emerge as their trusted leader and let's hope they still trust Dr. Mahathir until he is replaced with Anwar Ibrahim.

I think I will post about Anwar Ibrahim another time.

New government does come at cost. For example, the abolishment of GST and the upcoming replacement of SST will affect the Government's income. GST is projected to bring income up to RM44 billion while SST is targeted a well half than that figure. The government servants who've had been promised salary increase and a bonus by the previous government, may have not received the said promise. It is now the promise of Pakatan Harapan that should be the main focus. Some of the promises had been delivered while others may take some time. Let's hope Dr. Mahathir and his cabinets will do the best to fulfill all the promises, especially those that are promised to be delivered within 100 days.

I was affected too. I was told by the Big Company to change work place to a "new but old company". This is the company that I joined 11 years ago and now I was asked to go back. As an obedient servant, I would follow what has been told. I left quite a few projects in the previous work place and was hopeful that my substitute can continue such works.

So many other things happened in this 3-4 months. Let's pray and hope for a better Malaysia. I'll write more once I get another chance. And for the GIF :


Thank You,