Wednesday, September 27, 2017

10 - It's official now!


Today marked my 10th year anniversary of joining my current 'company'. When I started this blog, I would never imagine of joining this company. Although I feel that most of this blog posts were made during my undergrad time, it is of no surprise that this blog are still standing through these 10 years of working life.

For some people, 10 years of working life is not a big deal but for me, I think I've gone through many things, the ups and the downs, the flowers and all the "shits"... 😆😆😆

Now, a GIF to commemorate my 10th year in the 'company':


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A KPI for this blog? 😀


Here I am. Updating this blog for the second time this year. Let set a KPI for this blog:

This blog shall be updated at least twice a year

Why do we need this KPI? Because it is to keep this blog alive. As I know, Google does not yet say anything about closing this blog or anything but just in case, let's promise to achieve this KPI ya, dear self?

Look at what am I doing. Talking alone! Yes! That's me reminding my self for this blog KPI! Oh gosh!

Eh.. I'm updating this blog talking about updating this blog? Haha!

Just for update (or actually for me to remind my self when updating this blog next time :p), I've since completed my post-grad studies (nope, not the highest level yet), and now back to work. As for the new workplace, all is well at the moment. It just that sometimes that when I compare this new workplace to the old workplace, it seems the latter is a little bit less having office politics (in the early years of my service, of course) than the other. However, the boss at the old place is feared more than this new one. It is just his character you see.....

Well, I hope all will ends well at the end of the day. Let's us pray for success in this world and the world hereafter.