Friday, May 24, 2019

Day 144 / 2019 - Wedding Anniversary


Facebook has not forgotten us.. ;)
Today is my wedding anniversary day. To be exact, it was a Friday and  today is Friday!

I couldn't imagine what my life would be if i am not married six years ago. My marriage has thought me new things. Things that I've had never experienced in my life before. I learn more about happiness, patience, courage, sympathy, empathy, determination and most importantly, gratitude.

Living in marriage is like living in a roller coaster. You have your ups and downs, the turns whether to the right, left, front and back. But one thing for sure is that you will end up at the same spot where the roller coaster starts and ends. I think this is the most important aspect in marriage -- any direction you go as long as it is still in the course, you'll be all right and arrived at the destination safely.

Syukur and praises to Allah for this marriage! I pray for more blessed life with my wife and children till the rest of our lives, please o Allah! Amin!