Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jalan Ampang


Yesterday when I was driving on Jalan Tun Razak, I thought I may want to use MRR II to get back to home. Therefore, I drove through Jalan Ampang to get to MRR II. I thought I can went down some memory lane as well. 

Ten years ago, I would ride my motorcycle early in the morning through MRR II to get to Jalan Ampang from Bangi for my Industrial Training. That was the activity I did for almost three month, every single day. The company I work was located in a building, just beside the Chinese embassy. It is also the place when I met (saw actually) Nasha Aziz, a beautiful actress at top of her career during that time.

But yesterday, I am shocked that I cannot even recognize the office building at Jalan Ampang as I remember it before. It is not that I never been there in these ten years (actually it was like five times, more or less), but I just feel alienated. I found out that the building which I went to every day in the past is now looking older with washed off paint. The surroundings feel different as I think there are less trees compared to what I remember before. I also found out brand new building and high-end housing estates built along Jalan Ampang. They are very beautiful and majestic. The road are also upgraded I guess. The only thing that I think haven't change much is the traffic jams -- The only connection that feels just like the past.

There are a lot of memories of the past running through my head when I drove through Jalan Ampang yesterday. But I guess, sometimes the memories are just the information that you just cannot delete from your head. You are stuck with it, whether it is a happy or a bad memory. Those memories are for you to learn from your mistakes or your success. Every time a memory flashed back, that very time we will learn something new. How great Allah is by creating us with such feature.

I hope my friends and co-worker during  that time are now more successful and happy achieving their goals in life. May Allah guide as all. Amin.


p/s : Dear diary... ;p