Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Another Year.... 2017


Wow! Its another year and I still write in this blog! Hahaha! I don't believe it. This year, this blog will be 14 years old. Quite an achievement right? No? Hahahaha... I also don't know what to say.

Tomorrow I'll have a final exam. Only one paper this semester, the subject name is long so I don't want to write it here. Hehehe... But I could remember the code: MANQ2133 - I hope there is no people search this subject code on Google and arrived here,... sorry folks! You cannot find any materials of that subject here... no answer for assignment or even notes here ;)

I was studying for tomorrow's exam and suddenly came across an article that I wanted to print using the share widget on the website. However, there is no print option, just a share to social sites and to Blogger! Haha... That's how I end up writing this entry today.

Well, it's just a quickie. No one will ever read this I guess. I miss the old days where people do blogs instead of Facebook'ing'. I miss how would the comment section be actively used and those whose anonymously use fake alias to tease the blog owner and trolling the others. Good 'ol day!

Adiosssssss.... I must continue to my study.. I must... must!!!!!!!!!