We should be proud....


Take a look at this (use mouse scroll button to zoom-in) :

The website says :

EF EPI Country Rankings

English proficiency is highest in Europe as a whole. All the very high proficiency countries and all but one of the high proficiency countries are found there. However, the trend does not hold for all European countries: Spain, Italy and Turkey fall behind their neighbors. 

Asia has a range of English proficiency levels from high in Malaysia to very low in Vietnam and Indonesia. The wealthier Asian countries tend to have higher levels of proficiency, as would be expected from their higher rates of school attendance and greater investment in private English courses. 

Latin America has the lowest level of English proficiency of any region. Only Mexico and Argentina score above low proficiency. Historically weaker school enrollment levels, more political unrest, and low levels of government investment in education are all contributing factors. 

We ranked 9th out of 44 countries shown and we ranked 1st among the Asian countries. We may not look like a Caucasian or European like some of them in the Latin America, but we have better English proficiency than them.

We really should be proud because we are the one, the rakyat, that made the ranking possible. And yes, we should also thank to the government for the best education system they have been progressively provided us since we achieved our independence.




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