Change, we must!

Salam All,

This is my 353rd blog post since I start blogging in 2003. A lot of thing has changed. Among all, now i think it is time for me to use my real name in my blog. I've also changed the domain and now, this blog could be accessed directly from this address : -- Don't you think its cool? I think it does... hehe..

Apart from that, I think that I should just make this blog as simple and minimal as possible. This is something I really wanted to do since the last few months, but just to make it perfect, I wait till its 7th birthday which is on 1st December 2010. Yes, on the same day, 7 years ago I started this blog in a hope someone would take their time and read my thoughts... I wanted to share my life and opinion to everyone who are willing to spend their time for that purpose. For those, who had been reading my blog since it was first published, I would like to thank you all very, very much! You may know me or you may not. You might have just reached here through search engines or maybe from links published from my friends' blog. Whatever it is, thank you for reading, even a single line from this blog. My appreciation to all of you.

So how's life? Well, to start, I'm grateful that God still love me and wanted me to be a better man. I know it because God always gives and forgives but, we, men.. we gets and forgets. I'm not perfect and I made mistakes. A lot of work to do and sometimes you forgot things that are important to you. Nevertheless, I'll try my best to accomplished what I've dream for no matter hard it is. Well, its life isn't it?

To all my friends who read this, please leave your blogs, fb, web, twitter, etc links here. I'll make a link to your blog so that I'll not forget to read your latest thoughts and your life stories. You know the excitement we used to had before, reading one other blog just to find out what we are up to. But these days, those were easily achieved by using fb and twitter. In spite of that, please continue writing on your blogs. There are things that fb & twitter could do easily compared to blog but it's a vice-versa for other things which are better be presented in blog.

Ok all, I'll write more and will keep going with this blog. It might have a new name, a new look, and a new feel, but it's the same thoughts and the same human body all along. Thank you for reading.

Wassalam :)


W a n i e said…
yup, change, we must..

kadang-kdang kite perlu mengubah mengikut keadaan & masa, mcm wanie dah berubah blog byk kali dah since berblog 2004..hahahaha..
Azhar Osman said…
Hahaha... blog wanie cepat yer berevolusi.. blog saye lambat sikit.. hahahaha....

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