Sunday, December 30, 2007

It turns 22.... and the journey continues..


Hi all.. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that there are couple of messages in my phone inbox.. when I read it, I'm kind of thinking...

"So... already here huh? 22?.. Alhamdulillah..still alive.."

Yerp, it turns out to be 22 today, my age... it's my birthday.. the messages are the wishes from my friends... I am one step further of my age and there is still a lot to discover, if permitted by God. I never think I would end like this.. working far away from my family, in a 'big' office with those responsibilities and tasks ahead. What I dream was to get a simple job, living with my family and have my own family soon. But what can I say, it's not like that and not easy as what I've dreamt of.. It's more challenging than what I expected before.

And yet, new year is coming just less than 48 hours now... It means that we all will become older, seeking to accomplished what we have plan for this year. For me, 2007 had give some significant impact in my life. 2007 starts with a struggle for me to finish up my project, to complete all the thesis for my degree. There was a time I'm feeling so stressed out with this project things.. it often give me headache but no one would ever understand it.. I'm keeping it to myself... the project presentation is one of the crucial time in my life as a student and finishing up the thesis is worst than that... but then, Alhamdulillah, I have passed the presentation, and my thesis has been accepted...

And 2007 once again had seen a dramatically change to my life... I've graduated from the university, and entering a whole new different world.. it's a new role here, different from before.. a world where you have to find your own destiny, you have to give full dedication or you will not survive.. welcome to the working world, where responsibilities and professionalism comes first. Job hunting was not bad but sometimes you'll be pissed off... it happens when you think that you are fit for a job but later you be informed that you were not...

However, I manage to go through all that, and got my first job.. well, the first job is kind of simple, near to my home and I had a chance to live with my family, just like what I have dreamt of before.. however, this job requires a lot of patience and courage. I maybe got those two, but my inner thought does not agree with me... I felt like being discriminated there.. you cannot do whatever you have to do.. the rules are so bad.. we're being treated like a machine.. you have to obey their rules and they make it so hard to obey His' (He who has created the universe!!) Luckily after that, I've got a new job and its more secure and more likely to be what I want.. but it comes with prices... I've to move away from my family, it's no longer simple and it's more challenging... it's now more responsibilities..

Some of this year goals are accomplished.. I've finished my project, thesis.. I got my degree, got my first job, current job.. being able to help my parent (a lil bit, if not a lot) and some other goals.. however there is still more to come.. as the age is getting bigger and life is shorter, I'm getting a few more things in my life.. I would like to work harder and achieve the excellencies in it. I would like to help my family and friends more, giving them hands when they need it. And I think it is the time for me to own a car [:P] and perhaps, to find my life partner... my soul.. my love... hehe.. :P - don't you guys agree with me?

It seems odd for me to post my entries in english.. and I know it is broken everywhere.. you may found that it is hard to understand what was written here, but folks, it's not because you don't know English, it just me that who doesn't know it well.. I try to put it in English because I would like to improve.. and this is not the first time.. I've wrote the entries in English before but I don't know if I'm getting better or worst.. pardon me if you got some headache when reading this entry...

Akhirulkalam, happy new year 2008 everyone, and may Allah blessed us all.. Amin..


I wanna be real this time... a real man...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Coming Soon... :) [ *Updated!!! :))))))) *]


Meh tgk ni dulu....

Proton BLM

Proton BLM

Proton BLM

Proton BLM








All The "Ugly" Spyshots... ni tgh testing neh... huhu...

Puas? tak puas? tgk ni plak.....



Artist's Impression


Proton BLM


Design Studio... :P

Final Testing????



Ready to hit the road?



Proton BLM
Can this image be considered as the most likely to be "it"?

*Thanks to semua gambaq dan link gambaq di ambik dr page:

Haaa... agak2 tahu tak mende nih? tau kan... ni ler yg dok heboh2 "Proton BLM" @ "Savvy Sedan"... spec? sori, aku pon tatau... interior design?? tah.. x tau.. tp ade comment kat paultan... aku paste eh sini..

umo said,

December 12, 2007 @ 11:35 am

sebenarnya, saya dh naik keta ni..
mmg luas kat dlm..
nampak je kecik..
audio, dari clarion..
meter, siemens vdo..
enjin campro 1.3..
enjin ni kitorang panggil enjin IAFM..
ada sesuatu yg istimewa kat enjin ni..
rasai lah sendiri nnt,
saya dh try dh..

keta ni kalu 32000..
mmg dh bole beli sgt dh..
terlampau murah dh tu..
umo said,

December 12, 2007 @ 11:51 am

kete BLM pakai enjin campro baekk pnya ni bang..
mmg utk jimatkan minyak..
campro sekarang ada 3 jenis..
campro biasa = minyak cam air paip..
campro CPs = minyak lbh kurang jer ngan campro biasa..
campro iafm = mmg jimat nak mampos!!1
fionac said,

December 12, 2007 @ 11:57 am

I heard from a source who works on the car, that it’s gonna be launched 17 January 2007. As well as being priced around RM35k.

I generally think that the REAR look of the car looks like a mini merc kompressor. slightly bulky. At least I saw the white version of it. the Front.. looks like any other proton neo/gen2.

havne’t actually seen it on the road.. so no reviews on the performance.

But for that price. it’s very cheap. Milo tin quality?? have no idea.

Amacam? excited? tak? tapi awat aku excited?????


Hehehe.. Update!!!! Aku saja bukak hari ni... nak check2 kalau2 ada update pasai BLM, tgk2 ada.. wakaka.. gile kentang.. undisguised version, on the road.. siap no plet real dan ada road tax lagik... watehel??? huhuhu.. bertambah2 excited lagi aku... design depan cantek siot... blekang pon cantek.. cuma dari sisi mungkin nampak pelik... tp kalo aku, nk bg ilang pelik tu senang jek, tambah spoiler cam evo x tuh... perghhhhhhh!!!!!! gempak siot jadi nyer.... nih aku tempek gambo2 nih.. klik ler ntuk tgk gambo yg lebih jelas!!!..




Tehel? OTR oredi? huuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

Dengaq2 cita, yg aku bca dlm komen di sini , depa kata, nama dia akan kekal ngan nama Proton Saga.. engine campro 1.3 IAFM (apo tuh?) dan rege dia bagi yg basic 29K (ye ke?) dan m-line dlm 35K (waaa? sempoi...) tgk komen dlm site tuh, aku tempek sini >>

mr. proton said,
December 23, 2007 @ 9:11 pm

price from rm 29k for basic model n the middle line at rm 35k. it comes both with auto n manual including Intake Air fuel module (IAFM) for better fuel consumption without sacrifice power. the name remain Proton Saga. proton plan to launch middle of january. maybe with the gen 2 facelift. this what i can say. and its True….!


mr. proton said,
December 23, 2007 @ 9:48 pm

francis.. rm 35k for auto transmission with single airbag, cd player, alloy rims, reverse sensor, fog lamp.hmm…i forgot la… anyway.. highline also available in future if got high demand. but pls guys… dun expect pay rm 35k but get a car like honda civic ok… be fair when judge this car after it officially launch k..

Selain tu, ade plak yg kasi full spec.. tp dia sendiri x pasti.. sbb dia pon men kopi pes jek.. ekeke.. so aku pon kopi pes je la kat sini ek.. hehee... >>

namiabeeR1 said,
December 24, 2007 @ 3:19 am

Proton BLM full specification:

Engine= CAMPRO 1.3 + Intake Air Fuel Module (IAFM)
Engine output= 70KW(94BHP)/6000rpm
L x W x H= 4257mm X 1680mm X 1502mm
Cabin size= 413L
Petrol tank= 40L
Colors = 5 metallic, 2 solid .
Metallic = Genetic Silver, Mountain Blue, Zircon Green, Tranquility Black, Grey.
Solid= Red , White
Warranty= 3 year or 150000 KM
Petrol Consumption= Manual: 5.5L/100KM ,Auto: 6.0L/100KM

Price range:

-Solid White (bumper & side mirror no painting)
-13″ wheel (175/70R13) *no sport rim / wheelcap
-2 speaker
Price: Rm33000 ++

Base Line
-Auto / Manual
-Metallic / Solid (Full body colour)
-14″ Wheel with cap (180/60R14)
-4 Speaker
Price: RM34000 - RM37000

-Auto / Manual
-Metallic / Solid (Full body colour)
-14″ Sport rim (185/60R14)
-1 x air bag & Pre-tensioner seatbelt
-4 Speaker
Price:Rm37000 - RM39000

dunno if its true or not.. just copy and paste one..

Aiyok... sempoi.... aku nak ucap Tahniah kat Proton, design kali ni mmg sempoi.. aku suka lampu depan dia... hebat, nmpk cam evo.. kalah Waja facelift sekalipon... dan Tahniah lagi skali kalau range harga dia dlm 29K - 35K... ini yg rakyat tunggu dari sebuah kompeni "Perusahaan Otomobil NASIONAL Berhad"... kereta rakyat, harga rakyat, design memikat!!...


PS : Huhu.... jgn le plak rege dia naik plak nanti.. isk isk.. harap2 betul la rumors tu semua yek... :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

'Aidil Adha 1428


Selamat menyambut Aidil Adha.. disebalik kegembiraan dan kesibukan dalam menjalani ibadah korban, jangan kita lupa korban penjajahan penjajah Amerika tahun lepas, selain rakyat Iraq dan para pejuang Islam... Allahyarham Saddam Hussein - Tanggal 10 Zulhijjah 1427 bersamaan 30 Disember 2007, maka putuslah roh dari jasad seorang manusia bernama Saddam Hussein al-Majid al-Tikriti, akibat kerakusan penjajah yg amat benci kepada beliau... Inilah akibatnya jika umat Islam lemah, tidak dapat membantu sesama sendiri, asyik bersengketa dan berpecah belah.... akhirnya negara tergadai, maruah tercemar, bumi terjajah, umat Islam terus merana!

Selamat tahun baru 2008 juga diucapkan kepada saudara saudari.. bertambah sthn lg umur.. dah tua plak rasa.. isk isk...... apa bleh buat, masa itu sentiasa ke depan, tiada apa yg tinggal dibelakang.. hanya kenangan yg boleh dikenangi, bukan realiti untuk dirasai! Berdoalah kita mudah2an tahun 2008 akan membawa perubahan besar kepada kita, terutama umat Islam.. mudah2an kita akan bersatu dan terus bersaudara, di bawah naungan Allah... di jalan Allah...


Awat aku rasa ayat aku semacam jaa.. len bebenor.. isk isk..
hb2u :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Disember mai dah...


Heheee.. sedaq tak sedaq Disember dah mai balik noo... sebenaqnya, bulan Disember ni merupakan bulan yg penoh bermakna buat aku.. boleh kata penting la bulan Disember ni... salah satunya adalah 1 Disember, 24 thn yg lalu.. kalau x dak hari tu, rasa-rasa aku x dak la kat dunia ni.. hehe.. itulah hari mak ngan bapak aku diijabkabulkan... hehe.. so selamat menyambut hari ulang tahun yg ke 23 yer kat mak ngan bapak.. semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhirnya.. hehee..

Dan lagi, tarikh 1 Disember ni gak dikongsikan dengan kelahiran blog aku neh.. dah masuk 4 tahun dahhhh.. hahaa... mula menulih dalam ni pada 1/12/2003, tak sangka plak bleh menulih lagi sampai la ni dalam ni... start dr zaman masuk U, sampai la zaman gheja la ni.. hehe.. kawan2 pon ramai yg aku kenai bila depa dok baca blog ni.. so aku nak ucapkan terima kasih la kat kawan2 yg sudi luang2kan masa kosong hampa ntuk mai baca blog aku ni nooo.. heheee....

Dan sememangnya ada lagi 2-3 event yg aku rasa penting dlm hidup aku mahupon famili aku akan terjadi dalam bulan neh.. cuma ntah la, takut alert dengan tak alert jaa.. harap2 alert la noo... dan sebagai mengakhiri post kali ni, aku post satu lagu yg mana ada drama dia kat tv2 tiap2 malam.. drama dia haram aku x ikut pon, cuma dok syok lagu dia jaaa.. so aku post la noo...

Kau Masih Kekasihku..

Jauh di lubuk hatiku
Masih terukir namamu
Jauh di dasar jiwaku
Engkau masih kekasihku

Tak bisa ku tahan laju angin
Untuk semua kenangan yang berlalu
Hembuskan sepi
Merobek hati

Meski raga ini tak lagi milikmu
Namun di dalam hatiku sungguh engkau hidup
Entah sampai kapan
Ku tahankan rasa cinta ini

Dan ku berharap semua ini
Bukanlah kekeliruan seperti yang kukira
Seumur hidupku
Akan menjadi doa untukmu

Andai saja waktu bisa terulang kembali
Akan kuserahkan hidupku di sisimu
Namun ku tahu itu takkan mungkin terjadi
Rasa ini menyiksaku
Sungguh-sungguh menyiksaku

Jadi sekian dulu..


Haaaa.. itulah dia... yg tersirat dah dipersuratkan.. lol