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New Malaysia, New Environment?

Dear Diary,
We are in the month of July now. This post marks the achievement for this blog's KPI : be updated by at least twice a year. Yeay! its officially achieved.
A lot of things had happened since the last post. As been anticipated before, the 14th General Election took place on the 9th of May 2018 (and yes, it is on Wednesday). Nevertheless, in the election, the previous regime had lost to Pakatan Harapan, who've had Tun Mahathir as their leader that lead them to victory on that day.
Once this happened, I remember a quote from a very dear friend of mine,
"The old man WILL win..."
He is right in-fact. I think the Barisan Nasional's government before didn't expect  to lose the battle to the extent that they had to gave up their throne. But no one can beat the God's will. This change of government is one of the will of God, the taqdir. A good Muslim shall belief that nothing will happened without  the permission from God. Furthermore, …