KPI for 2018 - Post #1


Dear diary,

Today marks the end of the February month in 2018. So it means that we are entering the last round of the first quarter of this year.

This year will surely be a hectic year. With all the pending projects and works and training and the people around, this year is not like the last year, where concentration is needed but focusing only on a matter. Long gone the serenity and sanctuary that I always found in the library. Nowadays it is more of phone calls, e-mails and WhatsApp.

Wait, did I say WhatsApp? 3 years ago I don't bother using WhatsApp when at work. Besides I was using prepaid line last time and I want to conserve the phone's battery life, I don't see there's a need to use WhatsApp at work. But it is different now. I have to standby the mobile data all the time because the boss and the big bosses now give insturctions through WhatsApp!

It is like a 'sin' if you don't read the messages and reply to it. From their perspective, everyone should have their WhatsApp ready during the working hours. I myself don't really like it. It seems that we have to constantly looking at the group's messages to ensure there was no messages that are directed to use that has not been replied. The demand on the spot answer and this is really annoying!

Perhaps, I was doing the same to my subordinates. But I think I realized now that it shouldn't be like that. I prefer to walk to their spaces and ask for myself. I prefer face to face interaction as the visual cues and body language and such can be seen and interpreted. While doing that I believe i can understand more the message they are trying to convey. It would help me to reply in a more suitable words and ideas following the discussions. I also get to walk which is good and I considered it as an exercise.

Few things I also learn is that when you are sincere with people you might end up being fooled and bad mouthed by other people. This kind of 'other people', I believed, exists in all type of organization. But I believe in the Islamic teachings where when other people tries to hurt you, your feelings or bad mouthing you or such behavior alike, don't treat them in the same way. Instead, I should be more myself, and make myself useful for other people. I should be sincere and be nice to everyone because it is who I am. May Allah forgive my for my sins and accept all my good deeds to redeems all the bad things I've done. May Allah ease my life in this dunya and the akhirah.

I also feel sorry for some people in my organization who seem to be misunderstanding things and trying to correct it from his point of view and experience. I believe this people did not have bad intentions and innocently doing these things. Maybe, it is a trait for a leader? While not understanding the whole story, they tried to deduct things from partial information they get (not to meant they didn't receive the full information, but what they perceived) and relates it to the past experiences that they get from another organizations. It is OK to do that but I think they need to find out a little bit on the issue before making any statements to the mass. I hope this people can change a little bit his point of view and try to understand more before making any statements that are not correct and can mislead others.

Lastly, this year is the election year. I foresee the election will be held in the middle of 2nd Quarter of this year, maybe around mid-April to early May. Whatever the date is, those who are registered as voter should come out and vote during the election day. It does not matter who you are voting. The most important is to vote correctly. If you have the intentions to make spoilt votes, please, I advise you to just stay at home. It is not a crime to not vote as it is also your rights that explicitly stated in the constitution, but intentionally making spoilt votes is really unconstitutional and selfish. Its like you are dumb and stubborn and a good, law-abide citizen of Malaysia shall not do such conduct. Think wise and exercise your right to vote correctly.

Dear Diary,

That's all for now. This post will make the KPI to update this blog yearly reaching 50%. He he he... in the next post, maybe a month or two or i don't know when, we'll make it 100% ya... Hi hi hi... Okay, daaa~~~ 

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