Here it comes... DECEMBER!


WE are now in the month of December. The last month of the year. Usually, when December comes, there are a few things that will pop up in our mind. This is my December 'Pop-up' items:
  • Mom and Dad's anniversary
  • School holidays
  • Friends are getting married - yet I couldn't go because of $ome problem$ and stuff - sorry!! 😭
  • Work(s) that is not done yet and need to be continued next year
  • Monsoon season - rain... flood...
  • Planning to take days off for holidays
  • Counting days to the next pay day...
  • The cliche of 'azam baru' and 'tertunai kah azam tahun lalu' (yearly goals and its achievements)
  • My Birthday ^___^
See, so much to think about in the month of December ya? Hehe... I sincerely wish 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' or Congratulations on your weddings to my friends, Mr. Faizal and Mr. Fairuz who will be married on the 9th and 16th of December respectively. Semoga bahagia kekal abadi ya! Sorry I could not attend both of your weddings due to some reasons that I couldn't explain well, but I think you guys will get the hint$... I'll pay a visit to you guys once I got a perfect chance to do that!

Okay for now, next update maybe next year.... And just to update, this blog's KPI for this year is achieved by the rate of over 100%... yeayyyyy... hahahaha........ so long and good nite.... good bye.......



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