New Malaysia, New Environment?

Dear Diary,
We are in the month of July now. This post marks the achievement for this blog's KPI : be updated by at least twice a year. Yeay! its officially achieved.
A lot of things had happened since the last post. As been anticipated before, the 14th General Election took place on the 9th of May 2018 (and yes, it is on Wednesday). Nevertheless, in the election, the previous regime had lost to Pakatan Harapan, who've had Tun Mahathir as their leader that lead them to victory on that day.
Once this happened, I remember a quote from a very dear friend of mine,
"The old man WILL win..."
He is right in-fact. I think the Barisan Nasional's government before didn't expect  to lose the battle to the extent that they had to gave up their throne. But no one can beat the God's will. This change of government is one of the will of God, the taqdir. A good Muslim shall belief that nothing will happened without  the permission from God. Furthermore, …

KPI for 2018 - Post #1

Dear diary,
Today marks the end of the February month in 2018. So it means that we are entering the last round of the first quarter of this year.
This year will surely be a hectic year. With all the pending projects and works and training and the people around, this year is not like the last year, where concentration is needed but focusing only on a matter. Long gone the serenity and sanctuary that I always found in the library. Nowadays it is more of phone calls, e-mails and WhatsApp.
Wait, did I say WhatsApp? 3 years ago I don't bother using WhatsApp when at work. Besides I was using prepaid line last time and I want to conserve the phone's battery life, I don't see there's a need to use WhatsApp at work. But it is different now. I have to standby the mobile data all the time because the boss and the big bosses now give insturctions through WhatsApp!
It is like a 'sin' if you don't read the messages and reply to it. From their perspectiv…

Here it comes... DECEMBER!


WE are now in the month of December. The last month of the year. Usually, when December comes, there are a few things that will pop up in our mind. This is my December 'Pop-up' items:
Mom and Dad's anniversarySchool holidaysFriends are getting married - yet I couldn't go because of $ome problem$ and stuff - sorry!! πŸ˜­Work(s) that is not done yet and need to be continued next yearMonsoon season - rain... flood...Planning to take days off for holidaysCounting days to the next pay day...The cliche of 'azam baru' and 'tertunai kah azam tahun lalu' (yearly goals and its achievements)My Birthday ^___^ See, so much to think about in the month of December ya? Hehe... I sincerely wish 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' or Congratulations on your weddings to my friends, Mr. Faizal and Mr. Fairuz who will be married on the 9th and 16th of December respectively. Semoga bahagia kekal abadi ya! Sorry I could not attend both of your weddings due to some r…

Every song has a story...

In the early years of this blog, I would sometimes post a song or two as a content for an entry. This usually would relates to a story of mine or reflects a mood I'm currently in. Sometimes, it represents as a message that I wanted to convey to someone, discreetly.
I think, that is my version of "every song has a story".
Indeed, every song has a story. Some song you remembered the most because someone had introduced it to you before. In this case, when you heard the song being played again, you will instantly remember that person. Maybe it is your friend, your colleagues at school or at work or maybe someone you've admired before. 
The same goes with this song. I didn't remember it until just now, when it is announced as one of the song for a contestant in the next Gegar Vaganza 4 concert next week. Suddenly, I remembered the story behind it.
I'll end this post here with a video clip of the song. 
"Ceritera Cinta"

Bertanya sang bayu …

10 - It's official now!


Today marked my 10th year anniversary of joining my current 'company'. When I started this blog, I would never imagine of joining this company. Although I feel that most of this blog posts were made during my undergrad time, it is of no surprise that this blog are still standing through these 10 years of working life.

For some people, 10 years of working life is not a big deal but for me, I think I've gone through many things, the ups and the downs, the flowers and all the "shits"... πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Now, a GIF to commemorate my 10th year in the 'company':


A KPI for this blog? πŸ˜€


Here I am. Updating this blog for the second time this year. Let set a KPI for this blog:

This blog shall be updated at least twice a year
Why do we need this KPI? Because it is to keep this blog alive. As I know, Google does not yet say anything about closing this blog or anything but just in case, let's promise to achieve this KPI ya, dear self?

Look at what am I doing. Talking alone! Yes! That's me reminding my self for this blog KPI! Oh gosh!

Eh.. I'm updating this blog talking about updating this blog? Haha!

Just for update (or actually for me to remind my self when updating this blog next time :p), I've since completed my post-grad studies (nope, not the highest level yet), and now back to work. As for the new workplace, all is well at the moment. It just that sometimes that when I compare this new workplace to the old workplace, it seems the latter is a little bit less having office politics (in the early years of my service, of course) than the …

Another Year.... 2017

Wow! Its another year and I still write in this blog! Hahaha! I don't believe it. This year, this blog will be 14 years old. Quite an achievement right? No? Hahahaha... I also don't know what to say.
Tomorrow I'll have a final exam. Only one paper this semester, the subject name is long so I don't want to write it here. Hehehe... But I could remember the code: MANQ2133 - I hope there is no people search this subject code on Google and arrived here,... sorry folks! You cannot find any materials of that subject here... no answer for assignment or even notes here ;)
I was studying for tomorrow's exam and suddenly came across an article that I wanted to print using the share widget on the website. However, there is no print option, just a share to social sites and to Blogger! Haha... That's how I end up writing this entry today.
Well, it's just a quickie. No one will ever read this I guess. I miss the old days where people do blogs instead of …