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KPI for 2018 - Post #1

Dear diary,
Today marks the end of the February month in 2018. So it means that we are entering the last round of the first quarter of this year.
This year will surely be a hectic year. With all the pending projects and works and training and the people around, this year is not like the last year, where concentration is needed but focusing only on a matter. Long gone the serenity and sanctuary that I always found in the library. Nowadays it is more of phone calls, e-mails and WhatsApp.
Wait, did I say WhatsApp? 3 years ago I don't bother using WhatsApp when at work. Besides I was using prepaid line last time and I want to conserve the phone's battery life, I don't see there's a need to use WhatsApp at work. But it is different now. I have to standby the mobile data all the time because the boss and the big bosses now give insturctions through WhatsApp!
It is like a 'sin' if you don't read the messages and reply to it. From their perspectiv…